Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann

Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann is from Brest in France. She is educated in classical ballet at Conservatoire de Brest and Ecole du Ballet du Nord (2000–04). In August 2009 Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann started as a dancer in Carte Blanche.


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Object type Person
Functions Dancer
Nationality French
Gender Female
Adresse Bergen, Norway

Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann started dancing as a five year old, dancing classical ballet from the age of seven until twelve. Later she studied contemporary dance at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Dance de Lyon.

In 2007 – 2009 Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann has been a member of D.A.N.C.E (Dance Apprentice Network aCross Europe) and worked under the direction from William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor, Frederic Flamand and Angelin Preljocaj.

In addition to her dance education Houthemann has a bachelor degree in literature and has studied anatomy, music and dance history.

Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann has choreographed since 2005 and has cooperated broadly with musicians. Among other things she choreographed a solo to Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky for a dancer, an alto singer and a piano (2005/07) and in 2008 she collaborated with musicians in Ensemble Carpe diem during Festival Berlioz in France.

Her job in Carte Blanche is Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann’s first fulltime job as a dancer.

Source: Carte Blanche 26.03.2010:


Classical ballet at Conservatoire de Brest and Ecole du Ballet du Nord (2000–04).

Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
Birthmark (Carte Blanche) May 29, 2015 Dancer
Edvard (Carte Blanche) January 15, 2015 Dancer
A Collection of Short Stories (Carte Blanche) May 24, 2014 Dancer
PITE - SHARIFI (Carte Blanche) January 20, 2014 Dancer
Not here/Not ever (Carte Blanche) May 30, 2013 Dancer
Yasgur's Farm (Carte Blanche) January 23, 2013 Dancer
Fiction (Carte Blanche) May 31, 2012 Dancer
Object Constant (Carte Blanche) January 25, 2012 Dancer, Dancer
Love - Killer Pig (Carte Blanche) June 17, 2011 Dancer
Corps de Walk (Carte Blanche) May 13, 2011 Dancer
TRY IN THE HOUSE III - 2011 (Carte Blanche) 2011 Dancer, Concept/Idea, Choreography
3 o'clock in the afternoon (Carte Blanche) September 28, 2010 Dancer
Mad - Stalk (Carte Blanche) May 27, 2010 Dancer
TRY IN THE HOUSE II - 2010 (Carte Blanche) April 28, 2010 Dancer, Choreography
NyNorsk (Carte Blanche) January 27, 2010 Dancer
When Clarity Visits (Carte BlancheClub Guy & Roni) October 23, 2009 Dancer
SH:HO (Carte Blanche) February 11, 2009 Dancer
LOVE (Carte Blanche) September 14, 2005 Dancer