Ine Therese Berg

Ine Therese Berg (born 1976) is a Norwegian performing arts critic and consultant.


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Object type Person
Born June 11, 1976
Functions Writer, Producer, Researcher, Advisor, Consultant, Critic, Theatre critic
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Member of Norwegian Critics' Association
Adresse Oslo, Norway
Website inetberg

Ine Therese Berg won Norwegian Critics' Award for critical text 2013/2014 for her text Teatret ser til romanen for tiden (literally: Theatre looks to the novel for the time being), Morgenbladet, February 14-20 2014. This was the first award ever given out by Norwegian Critics' Association in this category.

Emil Bernhardt said the following, among other things, on behalf of Norwegian Critics' Association during the award ceremony:

"The comment, printed in Morgenbladet February 14 2014, points at a tendency in the theatre to lean on the novel and thus raises the issue whether the theatre's own and particular characteristics are put in the background. This way the comment hints to a multidisciplinary challenge with validity also outside of theatre. The writer has written based on an intense involvement, giving the text a clear and distinct voice. The contact with a topical situation, shown through concrete examples, shines clearly through, and the comment has the ability to put the problem in question within a broad, yes, international context. In addition the writer contrasts different approaches and explanations against one another for eventually, as hinted, to open for 'the transformative ability of theatre'."

The complete speech can be read (in Norwegian only) at the website of Norwegian Critics' Association.


Norwegian Critics' Association,, 25.09.2014,

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