Ipek Dedeoglu Mehlum

Ipek Dedeoglu Mehlum is an actress. Ipek D. Mehlum was born in 1974. Her first language was Turkish sign language. She was educated at the theatre school Nordic Black Express in Oslo (1999-2001).

Ipek D. Mehlum was nominated for The Hedda Award 2010 in the category of best leading actress for the title role in Pinocchio by Klaus Hagerup, freely based on Carlo Collodi's novel, Teater Manu.


(Objekt ID 327)
Object type Person
Born May 17, 1974
Functions Actor
Nationality Turkish, Norwegian
Gender Female

She has acted in short films and TV-productions. She has instructed workshops within theatre, TV and yoga and has led a theatre project in Uganda.


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