Steinar Jacobsen


(Objekt ID 32512)
Object type Person
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Involved in productions (19)
Title Premiere Role
John Gabriel Borkman (The National Theatre) September 9, 2022 Stage Manager
Jane Eyre (The National Theatre) May 6, 2022 Stage Manager
Shark Drunk (The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)The National Theatre) January 29, 2019 Stage Manager
Cyrano (The National Theatre) Navember 24, 2018 Stage Manager
Chaos is Neighbour of God (The National Theatre) April 29, 2017 Stage Manager
Journey to the Christmas Star (The National Theatre) October 22, 2016 Stage Manager
Brand (The National Theatre) September 10, 2016 Stage Manager
Richard III (The National Theatre) February 13, 2016 Stage Manager
Peer Gynt (The National Theatre) August 9, 2014 Stage Manager
Worthless Men (The National TheatreThe Torshov Theatre) January 9, 2014 Stage Manager
OMsorg* (Care) (The National TheatreGoksøyr & Martens) October 24, 2013 Stage Manager
deLillos - Livet er en liten dings (The National Theatre) March 16, 2013 Stage Manager
When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town (The National Theatre) October 13, 2012 Stage Manager
Metamorphosis (The National TheatreVesturport Teater) January 14, 2012 Stage Manager
Othello (The National Theatre) April 7, 2011 Stage Manager
Reisen til Julestjernen (The National Theatre) October 30, 2010 Stage Manager
Bjørnson i 100! (The National TheatreThe National Library of Norway) April 24, 2010 Stage Manager
Fanny and Alexander (The National Theatre) Navember 7, 2009 Stage Manager
The Pretenders (The National Theatre) August 30, 1996 Stage Manager