Martin Lervik


(Objekt ID 3086)
Object type Person
Born 1984
Functions Choreographer, Dancer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Involved in productions (15)
Title Premiere Role
Uår av Terje Vigen* (Crop failure by Terje Vigen) (Trøndelag TheatreNordland Theatre) December 14, 2017 Actor
Shake A Tower (The Line) May 26, 2016 Choreography, Performer
Cosmic Body (Ingri Midgard Fiksdal Dans) October 30, 2015 Performer
Miss Vertigo (Helle Siljeholm) October 31, 2013 Consultant
Hertz () September 12, 2013 Performer
The Artificial Nature Project (Mette Ingvartsen / Great Investment) 2012 Dancer
Undertone () Navember 10, 2011 Co-creator, Performer
A perfectly safe hide-out (Siljeholm/ChristophersenMari Meen Halsøy) October 1, 2011 Dancer, Co-creator
To be, means to resist, resist what you are not (Impure Company/Hooman Sharifi) May 10, 2011 Co-creator, Dancer
Dance to the people () October 27, 2010 Dancer
PresentENDing (Fiksdal/Lie) October 22, 2009 Performer
Lingering of an earlier event (Impure Company/Hooman Sharifi) October 16, 2009 Performer, Co-creator
Once upon a time country (Impure Company/Hooman Sharifi) June 14, 2009 Performer
Krasnoyarsk: Dagdraumnasjonen (The Norwegian Theatre) December 4, 2008 Actor
Presenting (Fiksdal/Lie) October 30, 2008 Dancer (Isbjørnen Knut)