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About Andrew Wale

British Andrew Wale is an actor, director and playwright. He has lived and worked all across Europe.

Wale works as a performer, director and playwright, with great-scale musical and theatre projects, as well as in collaboration with other artists in much smaller scale, such as the collaboration about the production Some People I Know with Norwegian Katrine Lunde.

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More about Andrew Wale

Andrew Wale and Alan Lucien Øyen won The Hedda Award 2014 in the best stage text category for their script for Coelacanth, directed by Alan Lucien Øyen, produced by Winter Guests, Bergen International Festival, The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, Carte Blanche, The Norwegian Touring Theatre. The award was the first ever given out in the category.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"The theatre is assigned to tell stories. How wonderful wouldn't it be to see a performance containing most of what a stage text may room: Reality and fiction, sombreness and humour. In addition close-ups of individuals and insight into the complex interaction between people. And imagine if this story also had room for a story about making this performance, all of it presented with spoken theatre, with dance, and with music and imagination-triggering stage design.

This year's recipient of The Hedda Award in the best stage text category has created just such a bottomless treasure chest, a story for the stage one could wish would never end. The performance is like a journey with unnumbered detours from the itinerary without ever losing sight of the destination.

The best stage text award goes to Alan Lucien Øyen and Andrew Wale."

The production was also nominated for The Hedda Award 2014 in the production of the year category.


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