Finn Arve Sørbøe

Finn Arve Sørbøe (born 1964) is a Norwegian actor, who lives in Tromsø.


(Objekt ID 29511)
Object type Person
Born July 25, 1964
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Finn Arve Sørbøewas nominated for The Hedda Award 2014 in the best leading actor category for the role of Jeppe in Jeppe by Ludvig Holberg, adapted by Ketil Høegh and Ragnar Olsen, directed by Ketil Høegh, produced by Hålogaland Theatre.


The Hedda Award,, 19.05.2014,

Involved in productions (14)
Title Premiere Role
Så som i himmelen (Nordland Theatre) February 13, 2021 Actor
Uroens barn (The Arctic Theatre) May 23, 2019 Actor (Mannen)
Operetten om Mack* (The Operetta about Mack) (The Arctic Theatre) February 14, 2019 Actor (Lauritz Bredrup)
Nordens Paris* (Paris of the North) (The Arctic Theatre) January 25, 2018 Actor
The Full Monty (The Arctic Theatre) Navember 4, 2015 Actor
Jeppe (The Arctic Theatre) September 10, 2013 Actor (Jeppe)
Waiting for Godot (The Arctic Theatre) May 19, 2010 Actor (Vladimir)
Peer! (The Arctic Theatre) Navember 10, 2009 Actor
Sørbøe & Figenschow-tolker Arntzen (Humorkameratene Tromsø) April 12, 2007 Actor, Concept/Idea
Puntila (The Arctic TheatreArctic Arts Festival) June 19, 2004 Actor (Dommeren / Sundberg / Arbeider)
Den fordømte nordlendingen* (The Damned Northerner) (The Arctic Theatre) March 16, 1996 Actor
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (The Arctic Theatre) October 20, 1995 Actor
Vett og uvett* (Sense and the senseless) (The Arctic Theatre) February 11, 1994 Other
Kaddeva æ sa () Actor