Rune Kjelby


(Objekt ID 28604)
Object type Person
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
Inger (The National Stage) September 15, 2017 Lighting design
Betrayal (Reconstructed) (The National StageCarte Blanche) October 20, 2016 Lighting supervisor
The Dumb Waiter (The National Stage) September 2, 2016 Lighting design
Revisoren (The National Theatre) February 7, 2015 Lighting supervisor
Peer Gynt (The National Theatre) August 9, 2014 Lighting supervisor
Demoner 2014* (Demons 2014) (The National Theatre) February 8, 2014 Lighting supervisor
Uncle Vanya (The National Theatre) February 16, 2013 Lighting supervisor
The Odyssey (Morten Cranner) Navember 10, 2012 Light
The Wild Duck (The National Theatre) September 4, 2012 Light
Abigails party (The National Theatre) April 19, 2012 Lighting supervisor
Metamorphosis (The National TheatreVesturport Teater) January 14, 2012 Lighting supervisor
Sonic Hamlet (The National Theatre) Navember 5, 2011 Lighting design
Othello (The National Theatre) April 7, 2011 Lighting supervisor
Reisen til Julestjernen (The National Theatre) October 30, 2010 Lighting supervisor
Hedda Gabler (The National Theatre) August 28, 2010 Lighting supervisor
Ad hoc. Dynastiet (The National Theatre) May 19, 2010 Lighting supervisor
God of Carnage (The National Theatre) April 17, 2010 Lighting supervisor