Lisbeth Bodd

Also known asLisbeth Jeanette Bodd
Born28 Jan. 1958 (dead 28 Sep. 2014)
FunctionsConcept/Idea, Artistic director, Director, Dramaturge, Administrative head, Artist

About Lisbeth Bodd

Lisbeth Bodd (born Janary 28 1958 - died in Oslo September 28 2014) was the founder of the art group Verdensteatret.

Wiith her partner Asle Nilsen she was the daily manager and artistic director of the company.

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More about Lisbeth Bodd

Lisbeth J. Bodd and Asle Nilsen were nominated for The Hedda Award 2002 in the open category for Tsalal, produced by Verdensteatret.

Honorary Hedda 2014 was given to Verdensteatret. The Hedda Committee gave the following reason:

"This year Honorary Hedda goes to an oeuvre that has, since the beginning of the 1980es, contributed to internationalising Norwegian theatre. First through importing impulses from European art theatre, later through setting a new standard for this theatre in Europe, USA and Asia.

Wherever they have travelled they have left deep traces, and traces of these journeys have also been brought back into the productions. With an expression as deeply anchored in music and visual arts as in theatre they have bridged art forms, places and generations- and it is not a random coincidence that their next production has been given the title Bridge over Mud. Difficult to categorise, but easy to recognise

Unique in its form, but undisputedly theatre. Undisputedly as Verdensteatret.

The Hedda Committee gives The Honorary Hedda to Verdensteatret."


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