Odd Arvid Eilertsen


(Objekt ID 26392)
Object type Person
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
En glad pessimist* (A happy pessimist) (The Arctic Theatre) May 26, 2020 Musician
A Lady Called Sven (The Arctic Theatre) October 14, 2007 Actor
Brecht-kabaret* (Brecht cabaret) (The Arctic Theatre) May 18, 2000 Musical Management
Benoni and Rosa (Nordland Theatre) 1998 Musician, Musical Management
Kem eie vinden* (Who owns the wind) (The Arctic Theatre) March 15, 1997 Musician, Musical Management
Skatten fra broderfolket* (The treasure from the brotherland) (The Arctic Theatre) 1997 Performer
Arnaqat (Sampo Teater) September 13, 1992 Music
Macbeth (The Arctic Theatre) August 29, 1992 Musician
Kjære Sol* (Dear Sun) (The Arctic Theatre) February 14, 1992 Musician
Salmo Salar (Sampo TeaterTotalteatretNordland TheatreTromsø Danseteater) October 18, 1991 Musician
The Abandoned Doll (The Arctic Theatre) June 30, 1990 Musician
Evert Taube - i dine drømma* (Evert Taube - in your dreams) (The Arctic Theatre) March 10, 1990 Musician
The Earth is Round (The Arctic Theatre) October 14, 1987 Music
Når hjertet slår ut med arman* (When the heart opens its arms) (The Arctic Theatre) January 24, 1987 Musician
Freak Mother (The Arctic Theatre) Navember 21, 1982 Music
Adventures in Bukhara (The Arctic Theatre) October 26, 1981 Musician, Music
Trø dansen slit helsa (Nordland Theatre) October 19, 1980 Musician
Det var da det og itte nå* (That was then and not now) (The Arctic Theatre) Navember 3, 1978 Musician
The Caucasian Chalk Circle (The Arctic Theatre) January 29, 1978 Extra, Musician
Dikt & førbainna løgn* (Poetry and damned lies) (The Arctic Theatre) March 4, 1977 Musician