Thea Glimsdal Temte


(Objekt ID 2260)
Object type Person
Functions Costume designer, Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
Askeladden og de 100 hjelperne* (The Ash Lad and the 100 helpers) (The Puppetry Company Kattas Figurteater Ensemble) June 21, 2010 Costume
Document Ibsen (Temte Productions) February 1, 2006 Costume
Troll (Temte Productions) 2006 Costume
Noodle Doodle Box (Temte Productions) Navember 21, 2003 Actor
Atopisk – in the wrong place (Temte Productions) September 22, 2003 Costume
Polar (Temte Productions) March 5, 2003 Costume
On the ball (Temte Productions) January 30, 1999 Actor (TV-vertinne - på video), Costume
This time it's Herman (Temte Productions) January 28, 1998 Costume
Dørvakter (Temte Productions) 1996 Costume design