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Sverre Bentzen

Sverre Bentzen (born October 6 1941) is a Norwegian actor, employed by The Norwegian Theatre from 1990.

He has also worked for Rogaland Theatre (1966-79), Trøndelag Theatre (1979-86), Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre) (1986-88) and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's drama division (1988-90).

Sverre Bentzen, Elsa Nordvang, Carl Chr. Thorsen and Per Egil Hovland led The Children Theatre at Rogaland Theatre from 1963 to 1970.


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Object type Person
Born October 6, 1941
Functions Artistic director, Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Adresse Kristiansandsgate 12, 0463

Sverre Bentzen was one of three actors who played the title role when Robert Wilson staged Peer Gynt for The Norwegian Theatre and The National Stage in 2005. The production won The Hedda Award 2005 in the best production category.


The Norwegian Theatre

Rogaland Theatre

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