Wolfgang Pintzka


(Objekt ID 20964)
Object type Person
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
The Cherry Orchard (Teater Vestland) March 5, 1994 Adapted by, Direction
Hiv inn foran - hold an bak (Trøndelag Theatre) Navember 28, 1992 Direction
The Threepenny Opera (Teater Vestland) 1992 Direction, Adapted by
King Lear (Trøndelag Theatre) September 27, 1991 Direction, Adapted by
Endgame (Trøndelag Theatre) February 3, 1990 Direction
Puntila (The Norwegian Theatre) Navember 17, 1987 Direction, Adapted by
Puntila (Rogaland Theatre) April 25, 1987 Direction, Adapted by
Keiseren og nattergalen (The National Stage) August 28, 1986 Direction
Puntila (The National Stage) September 21, 1985 Direction
Christopher (Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)) September 12, 1984 Direction
Det var en gang - ? (Det tredje rikets frykt og elendighet) (The National Theatre) October 30, 1980 Direction, Adapted by
The Good Person of Szechwan (The National Stage) March 10, 1976 Direction
Arturo Ui (The National Stage) May 22, 1974 Direction
Schweik in the Second World War (The National Stage) October 7, 1972 Direction