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Kurt Weill

Kurt Weill was a German-American composer and musician.

He was born and raised in Germany, but fled to USA prior to World War II and later became an American citizen.

He is in particular known for his collaboration with the German playwright Bertolt Brecht.


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Object type Person
Born March 2, 1900 (dead April 3, 1950)
Functions Composer, Musician
Nationality German, American
Gender Male
Artworks (7)
Title Publiseringsdato Role
Byen Mahagonnys oppgang og fall 1930, Script, Opera, Musical theatre – Composer
The Threepenny Opera 1928, Script, Musical theatre – Composer
The Seven Deadly Sins AKA The Seven Deadly Sins of the Petty Bourgeoisie 1933, Script, Satire – Composer
Happy End 1929, Script, Musical theatre – Composer
Knickerbocker holiday / Manhattan 1938, Script, Musical – Composer
Der Jasager - Han som sier ja 1930, Script, Opera – Composer
Judgement of Paris Choreography – Composer