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Birgit Strøm

Birgit Strøm was a Norwegian puppeteer, actress, dramaturge, translator, writer and instructor.

Birgit Strøm studied puppetry in Prague 1952-53. She was the daughter of Julian Strøm, who had built and led the puppetry company called Folketeatrets Dukketeater, and she took over the company after her father. In 1959 she went to the puppetry company of Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), Oslo Nye Dukketeater, for which she worked until 1968, the last three years as its leader.

From 1970 to 1995 she worked for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, creating puppet characters who became well-known TV personalities in Norway, such as Titten Tei and the teddy bear Teodor. She adapted several well-known Norwegian folk fairytales and in addition she wrote several books.


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Object type Person
Born August 9, 1931 (dead January 11, 2007)
Functions Author, Translator, Instructor, Dramaturge, Actor, Puppeteer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
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Den lille andungen Script – Author