Signe Hofgaard

Also known as: Signe Edgren Hofgaard Tveteraas


(Objekt ID 20093)
Object type Person
Also known as Signe Edgren Hofgaard Tveteraas
Born April 2, 1901 (dead January 9, 1998)
Functions Choreographer, Dancer, Pedagog
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Involved in productions (19)
Title Premiere Role
Morsarv (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division) February 24, 1987 Actor (Mor)
A House with Two Doors is Difficult to Guard (Folketeatret) December 14, 1957 Choreography
Jeppe of the Hill (Det Nye Teater) January 4, 1957 Choreography
Den innbilt sjuke (The Norwegian Theatre) March 30, 1951 Choreography
Hallo Afrika (The Norwegian Theatre) December 14, 1950 Choreography
La oss lage en opera (Det Nye Teater) October 12, 1950 Choreography
Kongsemnerne (The Norwegian Theatre) May 12, 1950 Choreography
Luttens sang (Det Nye Teater) August 26, 1948 Choreography
Julius Caesar (The National Theatre) September 5, 1947 Choreography
Much Ado about Nothing (The National Theatre) December 6, 1946 Choreography
Mot Ballade (The Norwegian Theatre) Navember 21, 1945 Dancer (Segnforteljaren)
Forfengelighetens komedie (The National Theatre) April 18, 1939 Dancer
Geicha (Det Nye Teater) May 27, 1937 Choreography
Peer Gynt (The National Theatre) April 3, 1936 Choreography
Bøddelen (The National Theatre) March 5, 1935 Choreography
Rolf-revyen 1929 (Chat Noir) January 20, 1929 Dancer
Tømmerfløytarane (The Norwegian Theatre) March 10, 1928 Choreography
Gullfjellet (The Norwegian Theatre) December 26, 1927 Choreography
Piger, vin og sang (Chat Noir) August 31, 1927 Dancer (og skuespiller)