Elsa Ramberg

Elsa Ramberg (1911-2001) was a Norwegian dancer and choreographer. Elsa Ramberg began working as a dancer when she was aged 15. She was a student of Augusta Johannesén, who also taught Per Aabel. Ramberg wanted to become a dancer, but that was hard to achieve in Norway at the time. One of the few places where work could be found was Chat Noir. Ramberg worked for the ballet of Chat Noir from 1927 until she quit in 1952. Among other things, she took part in all the Ernst Rolf revues.

Elsa Ramberg also danced for Ny Norsk Ballett, which was started by Gerd Kjølås during the 1940es. Later Louise Brown joined. They performed at Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum). But the economy was poor, and salaries low, so Elsa Ramberg could not afford to continue - which she mourned.


(Objekt ID 19806)
Object type Person
Born December 31, 1911 (dead 2001)
Functions Choreographer, Dancer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female

Elsa Ramberg was the captain of the ballet at Chat Noir, and for many years she also worked as a choreographer.

After quitting as a dancer, Ramberg established her own ballet and step dance school. From 1957 she led the education of the mannequin school called Hennes Verden (literally: Her World). She also taught at Adult Education Association, and she taught the stewardesses working for SAS. 

Elsa Ramberg was married to Otto Nielsen from 1938 to 1945. She died in 2001, almost 90 years old.


E-mail from Ann-Cathrin Ramberg, 11.11.2012

Involved in productions (12)
Title Premiere Role
Stålstuten (The Norwegian Theatre) April 16, 1955 Choreography
Robinson Crazy (Chat Noir) February 5, 1954 Choreography
På den grønne gren (Chat Noir) February 17, 1951 Choreography, Dancer
Cinderella (Det Nye Teater) October 14, 1949 Choreography
Henrik VIII - Tyrihans, som fikk kongsdattera til å le - Mot Ballade (Ny Norsk Ballett) 1949 Dancer (Anne av Cleves i Henrik VIII)
Prima Fatia - Oppbrudd - A Tudor Garden - Den evige sangen - Gamle selskapsdanser - Veslefrikk med fela - En damete - Landlig suite (Ny Norsk Ballett) May 7, 1948 Dancer
Det smaker av fugl (Chat Noir) March 13, 1945 Choreography
Tre gamle jomfruer (Chat Noir) September 2, 1944 Choreography
Jomfru Hook van Holland (Chat Noir) January 7, 1938 Actor (En pike)
Hele byen snakker (Centralteatret) June 11, 1936 Choreography
Den nye linjen (Scala Teater) Navember 1, 1934 Actor (Louise, stuepike hos tannlegen )
NY NORSK BALLETT på FOLKEMUSEET - Jex acrobatiques - Blomstene streiker - Oppbrudd - Mot Ballade (Ny Norsk Ballett) Dancer (Oppbrudd / Kone / Fristelsessymbol i Mot Ballade)