Mia Gundersen

Also known as: Mariann Gundersen Leliënhof

Mia Gundersen Leliënhof (born as Mariann Gundersen, October 27 1961 in Stavanger) is a Norwegian singer and actress.

Mia Gundersen made her debut aged eight, at The Children and Youth Theatre of Rogaland Theatre, where she was active until she turned 15 years. She wanted to become an actress, but started her career as a singer.

Her first great theatre role was Eliza in My Fair Lady at Rogaland Theatre in 1990.


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Object type Person
Also known as Mariann Gundersen Leliënhof
Functions Actor, Singer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female

Mia Gundersen Leliënhof has performed the role of Sugar in the musical by the same name (Chateau Neuf, 1999), and has played the role of Sally Bowles in Cabaret at The National Stage (2000). She took part in The Norwegian Theatre's popular Musikal Musical.

She has also had success with the monologue Gelsomina, which she discovered during the theatre festival in Avignon, and immediately secured the rights to perform."

In 2004 Mia Gundersen was nominated for The Hedda Award in the particularly excellent performance category for the role of Evita in Rogaland Theatre's Evita.

Mia Gundersen played a central part in the TV series Offshore (1996).


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