Karene Lyngholm


(Objekt ID 17665)
Object type Person
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
A song to... (Mia Haugland Habib) 2015 Administration, Producer
Bivrfrost (Frikar) October 25, 2012 Producer
Ubudne Gester (Dancedesign) December 17, 2002 Producer
confession time. (zero visibility corp.) 2001 Producer
Renverser l'espace (DancedesignSPUNK) October 13, 2000 Producer
Tiden bygger byen (Dancedesign) October 24, 1997 Producer
...except that I would like to get rid of it (zero visibility corp.) February 20, 1997 Producer
Opening and Closing Ceremonies (Lillehammer OL) February 12, 1994 Choreography
Skikk og bruk (Dekadans) October 23, 1991 Choreography
Spor (Scirocco Dansekompani) March 17, 1988 Dancer