Haakon Strøm

Haakon Strøm is an actor, connected to the company Teater Joker. Haakon Strøm has his education from Mountview Theatre School in London (1995 - 1998).

With Teater Joker he has taken part in Brothers, A Hundred Rooms, Trillefolket* (The Rolling People), the latter of which he also participated in the dramatisation of, Baron von Munchhausens sannheter* (Baron von Munchhausen's truths) and Tutomaten (The Toot-o-maton).

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 176)
Object type Person
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Early in his career Haakon Strøm did Sonny in the musical Grease at Chat Noir, and he has later played in Jesus Christ Superstar in Fjærheia in Grimstad, and in Mary Stuart at The National Theatre.

Haakon Strøm founded the children's theatre company Oslo Barne- & Ungdomsteater, for which he was the daily manager and artistic director for a while.

Strøm also regularly records literature for NLB (Norwegian Library for Talking Books and Braille) and at times he has worked as a director for student and amateur revues.


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Mountview Theatre School in London (1995 - 1998)

Affiliations (1)
Involved in productions (20)
Title Premiere Role
Mulegutten (Nordland TheatreTeater Joker) October 21, 2021 Actor
Pulverheksa og vennene hennes* (Powder Witch and her friends) (The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)) March 29, 2017 Puppeteer
Brown (Teater JokerUnge Viken Teater) March 3, 2016 Actor
Rebusløpet (Teater Joker) 2015 Puppeteer
The Eagle has landed (Det Andre Teatret AKA The Other Theatre) October 19, 2013 Actor (Gutten)
1814! (Teater Joker) October 10, 2013 Actor
Peer på en pall* (Peer on a pallet) (Teater Joker) August 31, 2012 Actor
Jeppe på Bjerget (Teater Innlandet) September 29, 2011 Actor
Three little firemen (Teater Joker) September 11, 2011 Actor
Tutomaten* (The Toot-o-maton) (Teater Joker) Navember 27, 2010 Puppeteer
BARON VON MUNCHHAUSENS elleville kanonkuleferd, sanseløse bønnestengelmåneklatring og andre halsbrekkende SANNHETER!* (Baron von Munchhausen's madcap cannon ball journey, senseless beanstalk moon climbing and other breakneck truths!) (Teater Joker) September 2, 2009 Actor
Hyttekoz (Teater Vestland) January 30, 2009 Actor
A Hundred Rooms (Teater Joker) September 5, 2007 Actor
Trillefolket* (The Rolling People) (Teater Joker) October 26, 2006 Dramatised by, Actor
TEKST I VEKST (Generator) April 1, 2006 Performer
Maria Stuart (The National Theatre) January 17, 2004 Actor (Offiseren)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Kilden Theatre) July 14, 2001 Actor (Johannes, Dealer, Spedalsk, Folkemengde, Presse)
Grease (Turnéselskapet AS) 1999 Actor (Sonny + stedfortreder for Kennickie)
Maratonfest med nye barnetekster* (The Marathon Party of New Texts for Children) (The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater)The Norwegian Institute for Children's Literature) Actor
Farlig leik (K R Kompani) Actor