Vidar Magnussen

Vidar Magnussen (born 1977) is a Norwegian actor and stand-up comedian.

In 2017 he made his debut as a director with The Book of Mormon for The Norwegian Theatre in collaboration with Kilden Theatre. The production received The Hedda Award 2018 in the production of the year category.

Vidar Magnussen won The Hedda Award 2014 in the best leading actor category for the role of the M.C. in Shockheaded Peter by Julian Crouch and Phelim McDermott, directed by Erik Ulfsby, produced by The Norwegian Theatre.


(Objekt ID 1758)
Object type Person
Born December 6, 1977
Functions Director, Actor, Comedian

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the best leading actor award to Vidar Magnussen:

"One of the truly difficult assignments an actor may have is to enter an agreement with the audience to play on the same team. This is demanding, because an open proposal will swiftly be turned down by the auditorium. In this exercise one needs more than a solid talent. The actor has to balance between his professional knowledge and his professional skill. A not at all small musical sense of timing is also a good assistant.

This two-way communication between stage and auditorium, plus scene presence in interaction with the other performers, constitutes an extraordinary difficult theatrical balance act without a security net. This year's award winner performed this demanding act steady as a mountain.

This year's best leading actor award goes to Vidar Magnussen."

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the production of the year award to The Book of Mormon:

"The award winner in the production of the year category is a giant effort that has become a giant success. The same title has made up the basis for great draws in cities like New York and London, but the Norwegian production for which the award is given is far more than an adjustment of an international success. The direction is tight and precise. The ensemble sparkles, and both established names and talented newcomers are provided with enough space to flourish and excel. At every level, a well-tuned artistic team has managed to make its mark on a concept in which levels are already many and the possibilities for interpretation even more. All of this has led to a production that can be likened to a lighthouse, to fireworks, and a party, with confident timing in its acting, its music and its choreography.

This year's award goes to The Book of Mormon."


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