Olav Hanto

Olav Hanto is an actor living in Porsgrunn, Telemark. Hanto has participated in and produced his own performances since 1995. He moved to Porsgrunn in 1997 and since then he has cooperated closely with Grenland Friteater. Since 2008 Hanto has been steadily employed as an actor by Grenland Friteater.


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Object type Person
Functions Actor, Producer, Stage Artist
Nationality Norwegian, Norwegian
Gender Male
Adresse Porsgrunn, Norway

Olav Hanto started his professional career in 1995 in the independent theatre group Skuespillerkompaniet (The Actors' Company), by then located in Gvarv in Telemark. With Skuespillerkompaniet he participated in performances including "Fossbryterne - Sangen om Paolo og Fransesca"* ("The Fall Breakers – The Song about Paolo and Fransesca"), "Høydeskrekk og Himmelflukt"* ("Fear of heights and Flight to Heaven"), "Jeg lever - du lever ikke"* ("I live – you don’t live"), "Fossbryterne - Odyssevs gjennom kanalen"* ("The Fall Breakers – Odysseus through the Channel") and "Ukul, men i live"* ("Uncool, but alive").

After studying privately with Studium Actoris he started Hanto Teaterproduksjon in 1997. He wrote, produced and acted in the performance "Dikterens Selvmord"* ("The Suicide of the Poet") in 1997, a production of which he made a new version in 1999. In February 2008 his solo show "Testament" opened. Hanto wrote the script, was chief producer and actor. Included the project were among others the Grenland Friteater director Tor Arne Ursin and the musician and composer Åsmund Aasen Devold.

Hanto became one of the freelance actors most used by Grenland Friteater, with parts in "Smugglers", "The Imaginary Invalid", "Rough Trade", "Crossroads", "The Dog", "Sneglegutten"* ("The Snail Boy") and "Kurt Boils His Head", among other plays. In addition he has had a number of administrative assignments in correlation with Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival.

In June 2006 Olav Hanto was chosen as Mr. Gay Norway 2006. He has been involved in the battle for gay rights. Olav Hanto is a popular lecturer, workshop teacher, master of ceremonies etc.

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*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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