Jon Tombre

Jon Tombre is a Norwegian director. Jon Tombre was educated at L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and at the direction study of The National Academy of Theatre.

In 1990 he started the company called Det Motsatte Prosjekt to promote new performing arts, in 1991 he was accepted as a student at the direction study of The National Academy of Theatre, and in 1998 he became the very first performing arts consultant of Arts Council Norway.


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Object type Person
Functions Artistic director, Director
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Adresse Oslo, Norway

Jon Tombre emphasises new drama: Among other things, he has staged Niels Fredrik Dahl's Ordinary Red Wine (Det Motsatte Prosjekt, 1995), David Harrower's Knives in Hens (The Norwegian Theatre, 1997), Cecilie Løveid's Austria, Ophelias: Death by water singing, Roadkills and The Showing (The National Theatre 1998, Bergen National Opera 2005, Akershus Theatre 2011 and The National Theatre 2014 respectively), Jon Fosse's Winter and Death Variations (Beaivváš 2005, Rogaland Theatre 2007), Jesper Halle's The Littlewoods (2003), The Presnyakov Brothers's Terrorism (2005) and Frode Øien's Pepsilove (2006).

He was part of the trio leading Dramatikkens Hus at the opening in 2010; Marit Solbu, Jon Tombre and Kai Johnsen shared the responsibility for the venue. Tombre quit the position in April 2011.

He has also directed Ibsen: Hedda Gabler for Hålogaland Theatre (1997), and Little Eyolf, part of Dannelsesreisen* (The Educational Journey), at Ibsen Theatre (2007).

Jon Tombre was nominated for The Hedda Award 2001 in the best direction category for The Last Boat by Helge Ingstad, Sogn og Fjordane Theatre. He directed The Flood for Theatre Ibsen in 2003 and again he was nominated for The Hedda Award 2003 in the best direction category. Jon Tombre was also nominated for The Hedda Award 2008 in the category of best direction for Arabian Night by Roland Schimmelpfennig, The Norwegian Theatre.

Jon Tombre (direction) and Cecilie Løveid (text) won Norwegian Critics' Award for theatre 2013/2014 for The Showing, The National Theatre.

Chris Erichsen said the following, among other things, on behalf of Norwegian Critics' Association during the award ceremony:

"There is something about her language. It is somewhat filled up. I have to be well prepared. To have cleaned the room inside of me, so that there is room for me in there, in her language. Perhaps it has something to do with 'the particular tone of broken language', as she writes in Alltid skyer over Askøy (literally: Always clouds above Askøy). Something with the enormous range she is always able to push into her language; from the fully transparent and fragile to the raw and expressive, in one and the same poetic mouthful.


Some reviewers have criticised the production for being inconsequent in its expression. I would claim that just this inconsequence is part of the strength of the performance. Jon Tombre could have chosen safe and well on the top shelf a thorough expressional effect having led us without resistance through the performance. Instead he, with his ensemble, has chosen the risky way."

The complete speech can be read (in Norwegian only) at the website of Norwegian Critics' Association.

Jon Tombre directed Vidas extremas (Beaivváš 2016), which won the special artistic achievement award during The Hedda Award 2016. The production was also nominated in the production of the year category.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"It has been claimed that theatre as an art can only blossom truly when society around it is disrupting, and a lot is at stake. Naturally, at home we rarely see this claim confirmed. But this year we have experienced it, in a sensation of a performance in which a disturbing political reality is presented through dance, poetry, music and theatre by performers who have been personally touched by it. The magic that arises when a personal, deeply felt political involvement is conveyed with superior sense of style and artistic precision - that is theatre for real."


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