Nini Roll Anker

Also known as: Nicoline Magdalene Roll Anker / Jo Nein / Kåre P.

Nini Roll Anker, originally Nicoline Magdalene Roll Anker, was a Norwegian writer and playwright. She was born in Molde in 1873 and she died in 1942.

She wrote under her own name as well as the pseudonyms Jo Nein and Kåre P.

Nini Roll Anker often wrote about controversial topics. In addition to misogyny and other issues related to gender she put issues such as the role of the church, homosexuality, the urge to judge others and military hero myths on the agenda.

The book The Weak Sex (Norwegian: Det Svake Kjøn), is considered her main work. Three of her most well-known plays are The Church (Norwegian: Kirken), Piken (literally: The Maid) and På Ærens Mark (literally: On the Grounds of Honour).


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Object type Person
Also known as Nicoline Magdalene Roll Anker / Jo Nein / Kåre P.
Born May 3, 1873 (dead May 20, 1942)
Functions Author, Dramatist/Playwright
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female


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Involved in productions
Title Premiere Role
Piken* (The Maid) Script, Drama – Author
Firfeier* (Chimney Sweep) Script – Author
På ærens mark* (On the Ground of Honour) 1934, Script, Drama – Author
Kvinnen og den svarte fuglen 1945, Literature, Novel – Author
The Church 1920, Script, Drama – Author
Komedien 1923, Script, Drama – Author
Den som henger i en tråd 1935, Script – Author