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Håvard Paulsen


(Objekt ID 1603)
Object type Person
Born August 7, 1979
Functions Director, Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Member of The Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association/NAEA
Email hossmatross@gmail.com
Adresse Jernbanegt. 29, 7650 Verdal, Norway
Website Håvard Paulsen
Affiliations (1)
Involved in productions (8)
Title Premiere Role
Verion () August 27, 2009 Voiceover
The Work of Wonder or The Re-Mohammed-Ty Show (TeaterTruppen) 2008 Actor
Amadeus (Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)Trøndelag Theatre) March 16, 2001 Extra
logg på! () Actor
In Dreams () Direction, Performer
Håvards familieshow () Performer
Håvards jubelstund () Performer
The 39 steps () Actor (Richard Hannay)