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Grethe Nordberg

Grethe Nordberg (born May 20 1972) is a Norwegian actress.

Grethe Nordberg graduated from The National Academy of Theatre in 1997, after which she came directly to Trøndelag Theatre. 

She made her debut in the role of Cecilie in Petter Rosenlund's first play, An impossible boy, with its world wide premiere at Trøndelag Theatre, and has later played Laura in The Glass Menagerie, but also Josefine in Boer Boerson Jr., the young drug addict Lisa in Nina Valsø's Unbidden Guest, Bjørg in Jesper Halle's The Littlewoods, and Edith Piaf in Piaf.

She also has experience as a director: The autumn of 2004 she instructed a youth theatre project in collaboration with NTNU, And the winner is.

She took leave from the Trøndelag Theatre ensemble in 2004, but returned the autumn of 2007 as Gina in The Wild Duck.

Grethe Nordbergwas nominated for The Hedda Award 2008 in the category of best leading actress for the role of Gina in The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Anne-Karen Hytten, Trøndelag Theatre.


The Hedda Award


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Object type Person
Born May 20, 1972
Functions Instructor, Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
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