Kjersti Germeten

Kjersti Germeten (born 22nd December 1942, dead 29th October 2004 in Bergen) was a Norwegian actress, puppeteer and director. Germeten was one of the driving forces at Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)'s puppet theatre from 1969 on.

Kjersti Germeten received Norwegian Critics' Award for theatre in 1983/1984 for her work on The White Seal, Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)'s puppet theatre.


(Objekt ID 11275)
Object type Person
Born December 22, 1942 (dead October 29, 2004)
Functions Actor, Puppeteer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Artworks (2)
Title Premiere Role
Dyr på hjul Script – Author
Babyteater Script – Author