Eva Brenda

Also known as: Eva Jensen


(Objekt ID 101394)
Object type Person
Also known as Eva Jensen
Born January 5, 1922 (dead March 13, 2018)
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Involved in productions (11)
Title Premiere Role
The Respectful Prostitute (Komediateatret) March 31, 1948 Actor (Lizzie)
The daughters at Bjarnastøl (Komediateatret) September 3, 1947 Actor (Haldis)
The Merry Widows (Komediateatret) May 21, 1947 Actor (Jose de la Cestina)
A Ship to India (Komediateatret) Navember 7, 1946 Actor (Sally)
The Farce of Love (Komediateatret) September 25, 1946 Actor (Edle, Webers hustru)
The Will (Komediateatret) July 31, 1946 Actor (Torine)
The Baby (Komediateatret) May 8, 1946 Actor (Agnes)
Who judges? (Komediateatret) April 10, 1946 Actor (Maya, Nils' kone)
Grandpa gets sold (Komediateatret) July 17, 1942 Actor (Eva, Guro og Aslaks datter)
Bachelors’ paradise (Komediateatret) April 28, 1942 Actor (Ella Lie, adoptivdatter til Hjorts venn)
The Lucky Letter (Komediateatret) February 25, 1942 Actor (Reidun, Eriks datter)