Jovan Pavlovic

Jovan Pavlovic is a musician and composer, educated at The Department of Music, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


(Objekt ID 10035)
Object type Person
Functions Composer, Musician

The musical Påfuglen* (The peacock) by Tyra Tønnessen and Jovan Pavlovic for Trøndelag Theatre, was nominated for The Hedda Award 2015 in the best production for children and youth category.


The Hedda Award,, 20.05.2015,

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Involved in productions (14)
Title Premiere Role
Knutsen & Ludvigsen - på tide å stå opp! (Trøndelag Theatre) January 14, 2023 Actor (Jaroslav Jovanovic Berg), Musical direction
Fiddler on the Roof (Trøndelag Theatre) March 10, 2018 Musician
Påfuglen - ein urettferdig musikal (The Norwegian Theatre) Navember 19, 2016 Composer, Musical Instructor
Påfuglen* (The Peacock) (Trøndelag Theatre) January 23, 2015 Composer, Musical direction, Actor (Ravnen / Hund / Vakthund)
Puppan te pappa* (Daddy's Tits) (Trøndelag Theatre) Navember 1, 2014 Musician
Boer Boerson Jr. (Trøndelag Theatre) March 16, 2013 Musician
Rock'n Roll Wolf (Trøndelag Theatre) March 25, 2011 Musician
A Palestinian Journey (Noor Productions) October 22, 2008 Music, Performer
Cabaret (Trøndelag Theatre) April 5, 2008 Musical arrangement, Musician
Taube - en kabaret basert på Evert Taubes musikk og diktning (Trøndelag Theatre) January 16, 2007 Musician
Kurt Racks His Brain (Trøndelag Theatre) April 1, 2003 Musician, Musical direction
Piaf (Trøndelag Theatre) September 7, 2002 Musical arrangement, Musician, Musical direction, Répétiteur
Mother Courage (Trøndelag Theatre) September 27, 2001 Musical arrangement, Actor (Soldat), Musician
Fiddler on the Roof (Trøndelag Theatre) Navember 7, 1998 Musician
Artworks (1)
Title Publiseringsdato Role
Påfuglen - en urettferdig musikal* (The Peacock - an unfair musical) 2014, Script, Musical – Composer