Description of a Picture

Premiere28. okt. 2011
Produsert avErik S. Dæhlin
Basert påBildebeskrivelse av Heiner Müller
SpråkNorsk, Tysk og Engelsk
UttrykksformerPerformance, Musikk
Spilleperiode28. okt. 2011  —  30. okt. 2011
Spilletid40 min

Om Description of a Picture

Description of a Picture (2011) var en performance av Erik Dæhlin. Description of a Picture var basert på Heiner Müller’s tekst Bildbeschreibung fra 1984.

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  • 30. okt. 2011 kl. 21:00 - 1857 - Forestilling
  • 30. okt. 2011 kl. 19:00 - 1857 - Forestilling
  • 28. okt. 2011 kl. 21:00 - 1857 - Forestilling
  • 28. okt. 2011 kl. 19:00 - 1857 - Premiere
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Mer om Description of a Picture

This is what’s going on in Dæhlin’s composition:

Eight speaker elements are hung from the concrete ceiling using piano wire, and positioned according to the picture described by Müller. They mark out a visual and auditive room. As the text and the sound moves through the speakers, action, time and space accumulate. The text is read in three languages: Norwegian, German and English.
The speakers and electromagnetic fields make the piano strings vibrate, creating slow feedback glissandi. The sound composition that creates the counter-point to the text – the hidden plan – is based on these feedback sounds from the piano wire, noise and musical fragments detected in the text, as well as referential music. The idea is based on the image – on the description of it.

Thanks to: Finn Iunker, Frédéric Boudin, Notto Thelle, Asbjørn Flø, Cato Langnes, Per-Oskar Leu, technician Svein Inge Nergaard, producer Morten Kippe, scenographer Christina Lindgren, Tom Wikne – Piano Verkstedet, Ljudia Grünerløkka, Ny Musikk and NOTAM.

Commissioned by NOTAM

Supported by Det Norske Komponist Fond and Arts Council Norway


Pressemelding fra Erik Dæhlin, 25.10.2011