Premiere29. aug. 2014
Produsert avGreenland National Theatre - Silamut
CoprodusenterBurnt Out Punks, Grenland Friteater
I samarbeid medVesturport Teater, Atempo Circ, Spain, Salpaus Further Education, Finland, The Academy of Untamed Creativity, Denmark
Spilleperiode29. aug. 2014  

Om Toqqortat

TOQQORTAT will be a grand site-specific performance where rigging, pyrotechnics and circus will meet inuit mask dance, history and mythology.

The theme will be based on 6 scenes:
Darkness, Snow, Water/Ice, Fire, The city and Love.
The fusion of different elements will be something completely unique especially with Greenland as creation and performance location. between 20 and 30 professional performers and technicians from 7 different countries will participate as well as local groups and organizations.


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