Karma Lounge

Premiere28. apr. 2005
Produsert avEllen Johannesen/KarmaConsult
Spilleperiode28. apr. 2005  

Om Karma Lounge

Karma Lounge (2005) var en produksjon av Ellen Johannesen/KarmaConsult.

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Marit Strømmen, dato ukjent, Aftenposten [Oslo]:
"The depht, as well as the humour, varies with an intense musicality delivered by the cellist Tanjs Orning. She performs the best quality of live music for dance I have ever witnessed since the performances of Wim Vandekeybus in the early 1990's. Bravo!"

Mer om Karma Lounge

På hjemmesiden til KarmaConsult står det bl.a.:
"Karma Lounge is a surreal reality show where the audience is acting as ”Guests” in the Lounge, influences the development of the show.

The ”Lounge” is inhabited by dancers/choreographers  Ellen Johannesen, and Ulf Nilseng, musician/composer Tanja Orning and designer Ingvil Wærhaug.

Together they form the international corporation KL WORLD - ”a universal ambassador of the karmic law,  and large scale supplier in ethical products and moral services.”

The performance comments on the relationship between viewing other peoples lives, as seen in docu-dramas and reality shows – and taking a stand in ones own life.

As a participant in Karma Lounge one is never sure whether  one is in Heaven  or Hell;

Jammed between dissolving morals on one side and political fanaticism on the other, - the pleasant stay in the lounge might be slightly claustrophobic…"

Støttet av:  Norsk Kulturråd


Black Box Teater, Vårprogram 2005

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