Holding Hands

Produsert avMake up productions
CoprodusenterPodewil Center for Contemporary Arts
Spilletid35 min
Nettstedmake up PRODUCTIONS

Om Holding Hands

Holding Hands (2001) er en produksjon av det tyskbaserte scenekunstkompaniet  make up Productions.

På hjemmesiden til make up Productions står det bl.a.: 

Holding hands, the performers appear as one organism with two different personalities. Bright neon light floods both stage and audience areas. Almost nothing seems to happen, but what happens is in great detail and absolute precision. In the performers’ faces, posture and breathing a melodrama takes place where all narrative elements have been sifted out. The experiment reads: can one bear such lack ofnarrative? Can one bear reading emotions without cause and effect? The public is repeatedly questioning its expectations. In the lit audience, the faces of the viewers start reflecting the performers faces and the audience becomes a distorting mirror of the stage…

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