Training Space

Premiere23. apr 2009
Produsert avKingsworks
Spilleperiode23. apr 2009  

Om Training Space

Training Space (2009) var en produksjon av Kingsworks.

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Øvrige medvirkende

"Salmo I" written by Miguel de Unamuno (ca 1907)
Vitor Truzzi: performs Salmo I on video
Randi Davendport: translation of Salmo I
Kaari Martin: song, Nana del Caballo grande
Luis Landa-Screitt:percussion
Marianne Skjeldal: performer video, guest

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Mer om Training Space

På hjemmesiden til Kingsworks står det følgende knyttet til produksjonen:

"A universe which appears to be fragmented and surreal, where many layers and levels of reality is the subject matter.
A montage with 3 performers, video screening, new music and an installation of objects.

The text The Man in the Tower and poetry from the collection Blind Spot Tracking, 3 simple melodies and some colours serves as framework. The text works is presented through different media in a search for what is text performed in a live art situation?

Poetical realism, a journey into an open living image, circulated around meeting points around inner and outside space. Experience Space as sacred, noisy, scruffy, tiny, huge...

"All is scripture" - John Cage"

Støttet av: Norsk Kulturråd, Oslo kommune, Fond for utøvende kunstnere.


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