Portrettfotografi av Joachim Holst-Jensen


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Objekttype Multimedia
Publiseringsdato 1. mar. 2011
Eksponeringsdato 19. apr. 1923
Aksesjonsdato 19. okt. 2012
Kategori Stillbilde / Fotografi

This image is in the public domain in Norway because the Norwegian Copyright law (§43a) specifies that images not considered to be "works of art" become public domain 50 years after creation, provided that more than 15 years have passed since the author's death or the author is unknown. To uploader: Please provide information about where the image was first published, who created it, and when the photographer died, if known. The right to be attributed does not expire in Norway.

Farger svart/hvitt
Bunnmateriale Fotopapir
Emneord Fotografi, Skuespiller, Portrett
Bilde tatt 19. apr. 1923
Filstørrelse 16 KB
Høyde 480 px
Bredde 355 px
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Portrettfotografi av Joachim Holst-Jensen



Wikipedia, no.wikipedia.org, 18.10.2012, http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fil:Joachim_Holst-Jensen_1923.jpg

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