Videodokumentasjon om Henriette Pedersens produksjon "Utidig Innsyn" (2000)


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Room 1: Contains two installations from different periods of Bebe Rabins development. "Girl on divan 2" (Mädchen an divan 2), made in 1984 originates from the period the artist lived in Rumania. This work is from a series of four and contributed the Nartmancollections in 1992. In her process of making Sono solo Coughnail performed a variety of operations. Perhaps more important was Rabins work with stimulation of the audible receptors. Sono solo was going to sing, this in it self presented a challenge. By stimulating large parts of hippocampus results were made in the lines of audible memory. Room 2: The display of "Aperte corpus" (adapt the body) created in 1997 draw strong parallels to an opposite existence where humans successively affiliate change. As with other autonomic human installations Rabin also here leans to the medical expertise of dr. William Coughnail. By removing large parts of Cortex cerebra and the entire hippocampus together with bilateral destruction of temporal patch, Rabin manages to create more abstract individuals.


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