Honorary President Award


På nettsidene til ASSITEJ International står det følgende:

"In 1990 at the Stockholm World Congress, Dr. Nat Eek (USA) realized that ASSITEJ International had no official Award to give to its members that honored their artistic excellence in theatre for young audiences.  Wishing to honor the memory of his wife Patricia Fulton Eek who died in 1989, and who was a lighting designer and an ardent advocate of theatre for young people as well as ASSITEJ, he established the Honorary Presidents Award of ASSITEJ.  

It is named and presented on behalf of all the Honorary Presidents of ASSITEJ International – Gerald Tyler (Great Britain), Konstantin Shak-Azizov (Russia), Nat Eek (USA), Vladimir Adamek (Czech Republic), Ilse Rodenberg (Germany), Michael Fitzgerald (Australia), those past and those yet to come.   

This ASSITEJ Award was established and accepted by the Executive Committee at the 1993 World Congress in Cuba.  Since then it has been given four times - first in 1996 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia; in 1999 in Trömso, Norway; in 2002 in Seoul, Korea; and most recently in 2005 in Montreal, Canada.  "


ASSITEJ, assitej-international.org, 20.06.2011, http://www.assitej-international.org/english/awards/rules-for-the-honorary-presidents-award.aspx


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