UNIMA Norway

Organisation typeAssociation, Interest organisation
Main focusPuppetry

About UNIMA Norway

UNIMA Norway is the Norwegian section of UNIMA International (UNion Internationale de la MArionette).

UNIMA Norway has the same aims as the mother organisation plus the following aim:

”… to work to promote the interest for, and the dissemination of puppetry in Norway, as an artistic genre and as an aid within pedagogy and therapy."

The association also will attempt to spread knowledge about Norwegian puppetry abroad and to convey visiting performances of international quality theatre in Norway.

UNIMA Norway publishes Ånd i Hanske (a fanzine whose name literally means Spirit in a Glove and is a wordplay on the expression Hand - in Norwegian Hånd - in a Glove) and arranges the festival Fri Figur (literally: Free figure). The association also manages the award Birgit Strøms minnepris (a memorial award after Birgit Strøm) and Tyrihansprisen.

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