pushing pencil

Premiere30. jan. 2004
Produsert avan aufbauproject
CoprodusenterRosendal Teater
MålgruppeUngdom (fra 13)
Spilleperiode30. jan. 2004  

Om pushing pencil

pushing pencil (2004) var en teaterproduksjon av an aufbauproject. 

Konsept og koreograf av Cathrine Kahn.

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Mer om pushing pencil

pushing pencil  looked at the youngsters understanding of the ideals of reality lived through a taken-for-granted social practice. How this lead us to our lives in some ways and not in others, trying to find the home of cultural and sexual identity available from the global cultural supermarket.

We met the lonely character Sojja. Sojja thought herself she has tripped and hit her head so a concussion and a memory loss have occurred. Through this she entailed a forgotten past and found forgotten relations through the two cousins Synne and Anli. The cousins appeared to make the connection for Sojja in a primordial instinct waiting to be resurrected.

Støttet av Norsk kulturråd og Sør-Trøndelag Komune


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