Det Gamle Teater/Komediehuset - Det Norske Theater, The National Stage

Established1800 (closed 1944)

About Det Gamle Teater/Komediehuset

Det Gamle Teater/Komediehuset på Engen in Bergen was built in 1800. The theatre venue was built by and first used by Det Dramatiske Selskab, established December 25 1794. The venue was later used by Det Norske Theater (1850-1863) and The National Stage in the period from 1876 to 1909.

This entry shows the performances of The National Stage at Komediehuset.

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More about Det Gamle Teater/Komediehuset

At the time of the opening of Komediehuset, Det Dramatiske Selskap had a total of 600 members. The association ran its private theatre in the building until 1828. After this, it was used by travelling Danish theatre troupes. Komediehuset was where Ole Bull started the first Norwegian-language theatre in 1850, Det Norske Theater. This theatre ceased its activity in 1863. 

The National Stage also was hosted by Komediehuset, from the foundation in 1876 until a new theatre venue was ready in 1909. The old theatre was turned into a venue in which there was also a kind of theatre museum, considering it contained some props and archives from Ole Bull's Det Norske Theater. Much of this material was lost when the building was bombed by British airplanes in 1944.


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