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Established19 Feb. 1909

About Store Scene, The National Stage

Store Scene is the main stage of The National Stage, Bergen. It opened February 19 1909 with Ludvig Holberg's Erasmus Montanus. In 1930, Store Scene was damaged by a fire, after which it was rebuilt with a revolving stage. In 1940-1941 the stage area was reconstructed, and in 1967-1968 the same was renovated. In 2001 the auditorium was restored to its original design, and the stage technology modernised. Originally, Store Scene had a capacity of 826 seats. It now seats 450.

The National Stage in Bergen has been operating from 1876. The theatre building of today opened in 1909, and is designed by Einar Oscar Schou. The building is now regarded among the premier examples of Jugend style (German Art Nouveau) architecture in Norway.

There are three venues within the building: Store Scene (with the theatre salon), Lille Scene and Teaterkjelleren (formerly called Småscenen). Store Scene is the main auditorium with 450 numbered seats, divided into the orchestra, parquet, front loge and balcony. The structure of Teaterkjelleren is flexible, with a capacity up to 250 seats, whereas Lille Scene seats up to 90.

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