Past is simulation

Plakat for herStays produksjon Past is simulation (2006)

Past is simulation - The ladies of the sea vs. Nora, and other stories of the society (2006) was a dance production by herStay based on Henrik Ibsen's characters Nora from A Doll's House and Ellida Wangel from The Lady from the Sea.

Monica Emilie Herstad choreographed it.

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Poster for POS Theatre Company's production "Aalst" (2009)

Drapene i Aalst (literally: The Murders in Aalst) by POS Theatre Company was based on the Belgian play Aalst.

The play Aalst is founded in the authentic event from the Belgian small town of Aalst, where a married couple was tried for having killed their two small children while staying in a hotel in town.

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Plakat for AKT 5s produksjon Gengangere (2006).

Ghosts (2006) was a theatre production by AKT 5, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen.

It was directed by Kirsten Dehlholm.

Ghosts was the graduation performance of the acting students at The Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad (Østfold College University) in 2006.

All the roles save one were cast with two actors interpreting the same role.

Solveig Laland Mohn and Thea Danielsen Fjørtoft interpreted the role of Helene Alving.

Kim Atle Hansen and Niklas Westerberg interpreted the role of Oswald Alving.

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Main producer: Teater Vestland
Premiere: 21 Feb. 2020


Premiere: 22 Feb. 2020

Figure-ring/New Voices

Main producer: Vestland Danseteater
Venue: Studio USF
Premiere: 28 Feb. 2020


Main producer: Frikar
Premiere: 28 Feb. 2020

Autumn Sonata

Main producer: Trøndelag Theatre
Premiere: 29 Feb. 2020