Goliath (2018) was a theatre production by Vega Scene, based on the play by Maria Tryti Vennerød. The production was performed at Vega Scene.

Katinka Rydin Berge directed it.

Herman Bernhoft played the role of Goliath.

Kai Remlov played the role of David.

Hege Aga Edelsteen played the role of their mother Borgny, and Line Heie Hallem played the role of their unborn sister Anette.

Goliath was the opening production of Vega Scene. The play was developed in collaboration with Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting and Bergman Studio.


(Objekt ID 89432)
Object type Production
Premiere December 1, 2018
Produced by Vega Scene AS
Based on Goliath by Maria Tryti Vennerød

Vega Scene gave the following information, among other, about Goliath:

"The performance plays out in a modern family, in which David and Goliath are brothers. Their mother Borgny turns 50, and she is highly pregnant. No father is present. During the party, the fundament of the family is put in motion. The very myth about the strong one and the weak one, those who need extra love and care, must be reconsidered. The story of uneven power dynamics touches at an aspect of the myth we have long overlooked. Why hasn't anyone tried to understand Goliath's story? Did he deserve to die? And does he, really, deserve a reputation as big, strong and evil?"


E-mail from Vega Scene, 27.11.2018

Vega Scene, www.vegascene.no, 20.11.2018, https://vegascene.no/incoming/article1370026.ece

Name Role
Maria Tryti Vennerød – Playwright
Katinka Rydin Berge – Direction
Even Børsum – Stage design
Even Børsum – Costume design
Kristin Bredal – Lighting design
Herman Bernhoft – Actor (Goliat)
Hege Aga Edelsteen – Actor (Borgny)
Line Heie Hallem – Actor (Anette)
Kai Remlov – Actor (David)
Performance dates
December 1, 2018Vega Scene – National premiere, Norway