Tæsjern på Grønland* (The Pawnbroker of Grønland)

Premiére date24 Apr. 2010
Produced byNorwegian Centre for New Playwriting (NCNP)
Based onThe Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare
AudienceYouth, Adults
Number of events4
ExpressionsTheatre, Dance, Hip hop, Physical theatre, Break-dance, Musical theatre
Running period24 Apr. 2010  
WebsiteDramatikkens hus

About Tæsjern på Grønland* (The Pawnbroker of Grønland)

Tæsjern på Grønland* (The Pawnbroker of Grønland) by EmireLillebrorAminaSarahOda was a show with breakneck dance, fresh beats, bloody street justice and young love in the streets around Dramatikkens hus the autumn of 2010.

The Merchant of Venice was switched into musical theatre with Bangla, Hip Hop, R&B and acoustic instruments, in which the dialogue rhymes and was 100 % poetic. The story was old, the texts were new, and the language was Norwegian... Kebab Norwegian.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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Press review

More about Tæsjern på Grønland* (The Pawnbroker of Grønland)

When the prettiest girl in the city, the queen of Oslo City, is open and on the market, Ismail and Tony goes to the pawnbroker to ask for a little loan.

"You know the moneylender in the little shop at the corner? Watch your back when he is around. The interest he claims will kill you . . . "

Tæsjern på Grønland was produced as episodic theatre. The production was split in three parts and every part was written the same week it was performed. April 24th 2010 the three parts were put together into a full-length show.

Tæsjern på Grønland was supported by Dramatikkens hus, the Fritt Ord Foundation and the hip hop collective Forente Minoriteter.


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