Desiring Machines

Premiére date3 Jun. 2013
Produced byErik S. Dæhlin
CoproducersBergen International Festival, Brageteatret, Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting (NCNP)
ExpressionsMusical theatre, Opera
Running period3 Jun. 2013  
Duration40 minutes
WebsiteERIK DÆHLIN, brageteatret

About Desiring Machines

Desiring Machines (2013) is a theatre production by Erik Dæhlin. Desiring Machines is a musical theatre project or an experimental opera, based on a circle of female characters, expanded by every performance.

In a visual and auditory space Dæhlin has collaborated with a selection of playwrights and writers to expose and overexpose different female characters.

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More about Desiring Machines

In Desiring Machinesby Erik Dæhlin a number of historical and mythical female characters, from ancient days until today are portrayed, through narrative fragments, realistic images, surrealist glimpses and leaks. Everything is part of the many-faceted desiring machine, the history or the body, connected through a stage collage in which the audience is one of the circles.

Supported by The Norwegian Composers' Fund, The Fund for Performing Artists, Arts Council Norway and the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).


Erik Dæhlin,, 06.06.2013,