Da Capo! - Quasi-concert with the Konk brothers

Premiére date2005
Produced byStudium Actoris, Moonfish
ExpressionsTheatre, Concert
Running period2005  
WebsiteStudium Actoris

About Da Capo!

Da Capo! (2005) is a production by Studium Actoris and Moonfish.

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Press review

Writer and date unknown, Secolo XIX [Italy]:
"A performance that can make you drop dead from laughter!"

Writer and date unknown, Demokraten [Norway]:
"The Konk Brothers: Masters of comedy!" 

More about Da Capo!

Moonfish and Studium Actoris describe the production Da Capo! as follows:

"Roman and Petrov Konk, since their birth in 1994, have always been penniless and in constant search of easy money. In this episode they present themselves as virtuoso violinists and scheme to fool the audience. They first appear on stage as baggage porters from an improvised firm called Abracadabra Movers. They carry instruments, luggage trunks and various things but not without the typical problems and fumbling of a pair if amateurs. Once they discover luggage they are carrying has the prospect to gain them respectability and money they embark on a comical journey to the unknown...

When their goofy ways blend with the characteristic humour of a clown, there is little doubt why they are constantly in embarrassing situations. But "all is well that ends well", and in the end, through musical means, they manage to entertain the audience.

The ‘Konk Brothers’ are two beloved characters created by the Italian/Norwegian duo consisting of Paolo Martini and Henning Farner. These two characters were conceived in 1994 in Porsgrunn, a small town in the south of Norway, during a production of Grenland Friteater. Since, the duo has appeared in four classic variations in over 500 live performances for over 50,000 people. Their use of physical acrobatics and slapstick techniques has been in the same comic vein as the early American silent movies. More recently, they have shifted their focus to the attributes of the classical clown. A meeting with the renowned Italian clown Leris Colombaioni was instrumental in changing their artistic direction."


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