Intimate Death

Premiére date22 Jan. 2010
Produced byBergen Prosjektteater, The National Stage, Sogn og Fjordane Theatre
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
Running period22 Jan. 2010  

About Intimate Death

Intimate Death is a production made by Bergen Prosjektteater, The National Venue of Theatre and Sogn og Fjordane Theatre in collaboration.

Intimate Death springs out from the book Intimate Death by Marie de Hennezel, describing her own experiences as a psychologist and companion for patients through their last living days.

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Performance dates

  • 22 Jan. 2010 - Opening night
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    More about Intimate Death

    On the webpage of Bergen Prosjektteater one can read the following about the production Intimate Death:

    "With the play Mick Gordon and Marie de Hennezel have created a unique testimony over the highly private last moments in the lives of these individuals. It is an empathetic and emotional report from the experiences of her own, the patients and the relatives.

    Through the stories of these people we are invited into an intimate, imaginative meeting with the dying. And perhaps important lessons for us - the living - will be revealed."


    Bergen Prosjektteater,, 03.04.11