Premiére date18 Feb. 2010
Produced byNONCompany
CoproducersBIT Teatergarasjen, Black Box Teater
ExpressionsTheatre, Comedy
Running period18 Feb. 2010  
Duration2 hours

About Reconstructions

Reconstructions by NONcompany is an absurd black comedy about warped realities. This time, NONcompany has created a performance inspired by cinematic techniques. With seven actors on 400 000 tiny chrome marbles, the six parallel stories are told, about people that do their best to adapt to their own realities.

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Film crew:
Actors in TV-show scene: Trond Fausa Aurvaag and Charlotte Grundt Crew:
Magnus Flaato – camera
Rune Baggerud – sound
Lise Vestby – editing

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Press review

-Bergens Tidene 19.12.2010-

PRESICE AND ENTERTAINING: Magnificent script plus stellar actors equals very good theatre.

“Reconstructions” is very much unlike anything I have seen on a stage previously; nevertheless, both characters and narrative is imbued with a cinematic feeling, resembling many movies at once, ... the filmic devices work incredibly well, also on stage. ... Nevertheless, what really makes this a special theatrical performance is the desire to convey something more. ... Impressive on all accounts. -CHARLOTTE MYRBRÅTEN

Bergens Tidende

------------------- 21.02.2010


"Reconstructions is performed on an unsteady foundation. A massive enclosure filled with small chrome marbles: a special order from a ball bearing factory in Germany. This is a work of art in itself, fascinatingly detailed and attractively tactile,"

"The characters we encounter are brimming with charm, and are able to win over the audience from the very beginning. One ought perhaps not call them characters, as they quickly stop being just that. Their acting is unlike anything I’ve previously seen; the way the actors relate to their lines and their body language is so playful that I quickly lose hold of the theatre context and drift into the world that is being created on stage. ... Combined with a masterly script that could outshine many an established movie millionaire, Reconstructions is a supreme show of technique and creative enthusiasm, in which heart and intellect go hand in hand." - Karoline Skuseth


More about Reconstructions


"We follow the stories of six people in a small city that is large enough to have a modern art gallery, but small enough for you to run into people you know when you least expect it.

A controversial artist opens a disputed exhibition, the mailman is asked in for coffee by a lady who is a little too inviting, and a hypochondriac nurse spies on the girl next door. An installer at an art gallery receive dubious advice from his three good helpers, the girl with too many names fights mortal agony, and rejection makes the alter ego of a young man very eager. When these peoples stories are intertwined, a wide range of peculiar situations and complications arise, scrutinizing how people adapt reality to suit their own needs."

Reconstructions is an absurd black comedy about warped realities.This time around, NONcompany has explored and experimented with adaptation of filmic devices to the stage. The script is written in a multi-protagonist mosaic structure, as a film script. The layering of narrative voices makes up a complex story where connections can be found on several levels. The acting is close to the level of realism one has grown accustomed to see in cinema and dramaturgically, the company have been working with its own particular method of cutting between the scenes.

Visual devices, music and other elements are also pervaded by this concept. This has provided the performance with a unique form that creates a distinct universe for the narrative of the play. Critics have commented on the elegant execution of the play, saying that it works incredibly well ( and Bergens Tidende).

The performance was co-produced by BIT Teatergarasjen and Black Box Theatre and premiered in Bergen in February 2010.

Reconstructions is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council, The Municipality of Bergen, Fond for Lyd og Bilde and Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere.

Source: NONcompany 2010. 10.08.2010: