Brødrene Løvehjerte

Freelanceteateret was established in Bergen in 2004. In addition to staging its own productions, Freelanceteatret offers its services to other professional productions in Bergen and the near area. Their last production was Brødrene Løvehjerte in 2005.

Source: Birthe-Lisbeth Ludvigsen, 2.09.2010

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Plakat for Frikar og Teater Innlandets produksjon "Bivrfrost"

Frikar Dance Company was established in 2006 by folk dancer and choreographer Hallgrim Hansegård. Frikar uses traditional dance from Norway and abroad in a modern expression. Among other styles, Norwegian Halling dance, breakdance and Brazilian capoeira are used.  

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Teater Visuell

Plakat fra Teater Visuells produksjon Gubben Felix og Hunden

Teater Visuell is managed by Annika Udo and is located in Stillverk 1 in Trondheim. Teater Visuell produces puppetry for children, youth and adults.

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Collage Dance Company

Photo from Collage Dance Company's production "Filo D'erba or Frail Creation" (1989)

Collage Dance Company was a Norwegian dance company, established in 1974. With a core of a few dancer and in collaboration with leading Norwegian choreographers such as Sølvi Edvardsen and Lise Nordal Collage Dance Company produced a number of works, often in close collaboration with young Norwegian composers.

Collage Dance Company worked with modern dance as its expression, and considered spreading this art form among its most important missions.

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