The Johanne Dybwad Tour

Portrait of Johanne Dybwad

The Johanne Dybwad Tour was a theatre tour, with a troupe consisting of actors who were all connected to The National Theatre in Oslo. The company was an ad hoc constellation formed for the sake of a tour in Norway, Denmark and Germany from September 1907 until December the same year. The touring schedule consisted of four productions of Ibsen plays: RosmersholmThe Master BuilderGhosts and A Doll's House.

Johanne Dybwad led the company.

The list of performers included Johanne Dybwad, August Oddvar, Harald Stormoen, Ludvig Bergh, Sophie Reimers, Thomas Thomassen, Alfhild Stormoen and Augusta Olsen.

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Photo from OsloGroup's production The Oslo Experiment

OsloGroup is an artist collective based in Oslo and London, established by Birgit Nordby (Norway) and Yvonne McDevitt (Ireland, living in London). Inspired by among others The Wooster Group OsloGroup wishes to create performances every night in which a collective artistic process stands central.


The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater),, 27.10.2010,

Scenekunst,, 27.10.2010,

Living Arts,, 27.10.2010,

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Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Fotografi fra Bergen Nasjonale Opera og Dansdesigns produksjon La Bohème (2010)

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra is the philharmonic orchestra of Bergen.

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Shiny Lake Productions

Fotografi fra MjøScene Produksjoners produksjon Løp!, Løp!, Løp!

Shiny Lake Productions was established in 1996, with the name Teater Tøs. Since then, members have grown both individually and collectively. Individually, they have grown through education, which has resulted in the group now having expertise in music, dance and theatre. At the same time, the group has worked together to improve the group's unique expression which includes all three art forms.

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