Polish Dance Theatre

Fotografi fra produksjonen Winter (2010)

Since 1973 Polski Teatr Tańca AKA The Polish Dance Theatre has remained faithful to its statutory obligation to promote the art of dancing and disseminate ballet culture throughout the country. The company is based in Poznan.

Polski Teatr Tańca started organising the Contemporary Dance Workshops and the Contemporary Dance Biennale in 1994 and the International Festival of Dance Theatres in 2004.

Source: Polski Teatr Tańca, ptt-poznan.pl, 20.10.2010, http://www.ptt-poznan.pl/stronyen/10.php

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Visjoner Teater

Photo from the production Kokila

Visjoner Teater was established in 1988 by Juni Dahr who is the company's artistic director. Marianne Roland is the company's producer. Visjoner Teater produces its own productions and attaches highly profiled performing artists on a per production basis. 

Visjoner Teater performs the productions on location and hence develops arenas and brings theatre out to local societies. The company tours extensively nationally as well as internationally. 

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Nordland Visual Theatre

Plakat fra Akershus Teater, Figurteatret i Nordland og Etienne Borgers produksjon Mannen og hvalen (2015)

Nordland Visual Theatre is a production and distribution centre for puppetry, located in Stamsund, the municipality of Vestvågøy, Nordland.

Nordland Visual Theatre is responsible for producing and distributing puppetry for children, youth and adults in Nordland and to contribute to developing puppetry as an artistic genre in Norway.

Nordland Visual Theatre (in Norwegian: Figurteatret i Nordland) was established in 1991, at the time using the name Nordland Dukketeaterverksted (NDV, literally: Nordland Puppetry Workshop) in 1991.

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