Trøndelag Theatre

Trøndelag Teater

Trøndelag Theatre is a regional theatre based in Trondheim, and it is the second largest regional theatre in Norway. The theatre was established in 1937, but the venue in which the theatre is located, had been used as a theatre prior to this as well.

From 1910 to 1926 the theatre company Trondhjems Nationale Scene (literally: Trondheim's National Stage) active in the theatre house in the street of Prinsens gate.

Prior to this Throndhjems Theater (literally: Trondheim's Theatre) was run for four seasons, until it went bankrupt in 1865. Both of these companies are now regarded as antecedents of Trøndelag Theatre.

During the years without permanent companies in the city, the theatre venue in Prinsens gate was used by touring companies.

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Avant Garden

Plakat for Panter Tanters produksjon Coole Fredrikke (2013).

Teaterhuset Avant Garden is the main venue in Trondheim and Central Norway for project-based touring performing arts.Artistic director and general manager is Per Ananiassen.

The productions shown on this page are productions co-produced by Teaterhuset Avant Garden. If you want to see full season programs, you ought to visit the Sceneweb page of each venue.

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Sogn og Fjordane Theatre

Plakat fra Sogn og Fjordanes produksjon Fugletribunalet (2017)

Sogn og Fjordane Theatre is a regional theatre owned by the county of Sogn og Fjordane and the municipality of Førde.

The theatre was established in 1977, and its largest funding body is the national government.

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Fotografi fra Saltkompagniets produksjon Uhyret danser (1979).

Saltkompagniet ble etablert i 1977 av Elsa Kvamme. Hun var kunstnerisk leder for gruppen frem til 1982 da hun sluttet. Tore Bjørbak og Åse Øyri fortsatte arbeidet med Saltkompagniet frem til 1984.

Saltkompagniet arbeidet med bakgrunn i Odin Teatret.

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