Visjoner Teater

Also known asThe company of Juni Dahr
Organisation typeTheatre company
Main focusTheatre, Music
Established8 Mar. 1988
WebsiteVisjoner Teater

About Visjoner Teater

Visjoner Teater was established in 1988 by Juni Dahr. Visjoner Teater produces its own productions and attaches highly profiled performing artists on a per production basis. 

Visjoner Teater performs the productions on location and hence develops arenas and brings theatre out to local societies. The company tours extensively nationally as well as internationally. Marianne Roland is the company's producer.

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More about Visjoner Teater

Visjoner Teater was started in 1988.

The company's artistic leader is Juni Dahr and its producer is Marianne Roland.

Keywords for Visjoner Teater:

-Working long-term.

-Develops performances performed nationally as well as internationally over years.

-Makes flexible productions for untraditional venues such as churches, barns, apartments, small venues.

-Works consciously with the audiences and has a close relation to a large audience.

-Works with actors and musicians, continuously developing new projects.

Visjoner Teater has a repertoire of performances performed through years, while new projects are under development. For instance: Kristin Lavransdatter, Ibsen Women, Markens Grøde* (Growth of Soil), A Doll's House, Jeanne d'Arc, Berus Eder* (Get Intoxicated), Cassandra, Det kalles kjærlighet* (It is called love), Victoria, La maladie de la mort* (The Sickness of Death).

Read more at the company's webpage.

Source: Visjoner Teater, 31.8.2010

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.